When an exotic bird aviary is found mysteriously abandoned in South Florida, investigators launch a search for its devoted owners, who never would’ve willingly left their animals. Detectives navigate the secretive world of exotic birdkeeping and uncover a host of suspicious characters and circumstances in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

Photo descriptions, from top left to bottom right: portrait of Lila Buerettan, portrait of Moses Lall, Lila and Moses together, a contemporary view of the entry to the Loxahatchee property that was formerly home to the Lall family’s aviary (from Google Maps), portrait of Daljeet Hari Gobin, a map illustrating the route from Loxahatchee to where Gobin was arrested in Georgia (from Google Maps), the alligator pond searched by scuba divers.

Sources used to research this episode:

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The Loxahatchee Horror – Could It Happen to Your Aviary? (Howard Voren / Voren’s Aviaries)

Police: Clues Elusive (Jim Di Paola / South Florida Sun Sentinel)

Missing Ranch Worker Spotted, from The Palm Beach Post, July 19, 1994 ed. (Carolyn Fretz / The Palm Beach Post)

If you know anything about the disappearances of Lila Buerattan and Moses Lall-or the whereabouts of Daljeet Hari Gobin-please call the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office at 561-688-3000.

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