About Leah and Scott


Like many a 90s child, Leah’s true crime interest was sparked by binge-watching episodes of “Unsolved Mysteries” and “America’s Most Wanted”. She enjoys working as a crime analyst for a mid-sized police department, and has worked in criminal evidence management in the past. (Not sure what a crime analyst does? Check out this explanation from the International Association of Crime Analysts.) She researches, writes and hosts Last Seen Alive.

            With a background in fire / rescue and police communications technology, Scott has always had an interest in public safety and is the tech-savvy half of the Last Seen Alive hosting duo. He currently works in the security field and co-hosts Last Seen Alive, in addition to providing its audio-engineering and editing.

            Scott and Leah are a husband and wife team who established Last Seen Alive as a way to bring compelling cases to others interested in true crime while shining a light on unresolved homicides and missing persons—whether dead or alive—who are still waiting to be found.

            All information used to write episodes of Last Seen Alive is derived from publicly available materials—court documents, news media, etc. Any opinions expressed in Last Seen Alive belong to Leah and Scott alone, and not their respective employers.

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