When a mom of five leaves an unhealthy marriage, she resettles in remote Keddie, California with her children, not knowing that their fresh start will soon come to a tragic end. Evil walks into Cabin #28 and modern-day investigators seek to rectify the mistakes of their predecessors in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

Sources used to research this episode:

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The Mystery Behind the Keddie Cabin Murders Explained (Jennifer Deutschmann / Grunge.com)

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Keddie Murders Revisited Part 2 (Victoria Metcalf / Plumas News)

Keddie Murders Revisited Part 3: Hypnosis, Counselor’s Revelations, Mob Connections (Victoria Metcalf / Plumas News)

Unsolved Mystery of the Keddie Cabin Murders (Historic Mysteries)

Exorcising Ghosts of the Past / New Owner Hopes To Reopen Resort Haunted by 20-Year-Old Slayings (Kevin Fagan / SF Gate)

‘People Magazine Investigates After Show’ : How Solving Keddie Murders Is ‘Personal’ for Investigators

Page 4 of the April 13, 2011Edition of the Chester Progressive

If you know anything about the murders of Sue Sharp, John Sharp, Tina Sharp and Dana Wingate, please contact the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office at 530-283-6375.

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