When a fitness instructor is murdered in the predawn hours following a dark and stormy Texas night, her body is discovered by her students. Investigators search for a killer caught on camera in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

Sources used to research this episode:

Fitness Instructor Murdered Before Early-Morning Workout Session at Texas Church (Tobias Salinger / New York Daily News)

Who Killed Missy Bevers? One Year Later, Texas Fitness Instructor’s Death Remains a Mystery (Chris Harris / People)

Homicide Investigation Underway After Woman Found Dead Inside Midlothian Church (Frank Heinz / NBCDFW)

Head Wound Killed Midlothian Fitness Instructor, Truck Seized: Search Warrant (Frank Heinz / NBC 5 News)

Missy Bevers Died from Multiple Puncture Wounds to the Head and Chest: Police (Frank Heinz / NBC 5 News)

Video: Midlothian Texas Police Department Surveillance Footage from Creek Side Church Homicide (Midlothian Texas PD via YouTube)

Video: Creekside Church Surveillance Video UPDATE (Midlothian Texas PD via YouTube)

Video: Additional Surveillance Footage Creekside Church Homicide Midlothian Texas Police Department (Midlothian Texas PD via YouTube)

Video: New Video in Missy Bevers Case (Fox 4 Dallas-Fort Worth via YouTube)

Murder Offenders by Age, Sex, Race and Ethnicity (2017 Expanded Homicide Data Table 3, Uniform Crime Reporting / FBI)

Internet Sleuths Muddy Waters and Wreck Lives in Missy Bevers’ Murder Investigation (Christian McPhate / Dallas Observer)

What We Know About the Eerie Unsolved Murder of Missy Bevers ( Jennifer Deutschmann / Grunge)

Docs: Church Murder Victim Received “Creepy” LinkedIn Message (CBS News)

Police Search for ‘Vehicle of Interest’ in Texas Church Murder (CBS News)

Video: Midlothian Murder Mystery: Man Held for Days in Investigation (WFAA News)

Bevers Was Allegedly Having Marital Problems Before Murder (CBS News)

Sources: Police Believe Slain Midlothian Mom Was Targeted (Tanya Eiserer / ABC 8 News)

Forensic Podiatrist Called By FBI To Study Missy Bevers’ Killer’s Gait, Explains Investigative Process (CBS News)

The Missy Bevers Murder Three Years Later: Where the Investigation Stands Today (ABC 8 News)

If you know anything about the murder of Missy Bevers, please contact the Midlothian Police Department at (972) 775-3333, OR Ellis County Crime Stoppers at 972-937-7297. By contacting the Ellis County Crime Stoppers, you may remain anonymous.

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