When a Pennsylvania man goes missing while working nightshift as a security guard, a relative fortune in platinum disappears along with him. Security footage reveals a masked intruder, and investigators attempt to determine whether the missing man was an accomplice or an unsuspecting victim in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

Sources Used to Research This Episode:

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Dale Kerstetter (The Charlie Project)

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Kerstetter Disappearance, Missing Platinum More Than 30 Years Ago Still an Open Case (Marcie Schellhamer / The Olean Times Herald)

Kerstetter Family Left with More Questions After Video Release (Marcie Schellhammer / The Bradford Era)

Video: Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack: Season 2, Episode 5 (Unsolved Mysteries via YouTube)

Dale Kerstetter: Gone Platinum (Crystal Dawn / lostnfoundblogs.com)

Dale Kerstetter: Gone Platinum 2, The Mystery Deepens (Crystal Dawn / lostnfoundblogs.com)

If you know anything about the disappearance of Dale Kerstetter, please call the Pennsylvania State Police at 814-778-5555.

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