When a Pennsylvania man goes missing while working nightshift as a security guard, a relative fortune in platinum disappears along with him. Security footage reveals a masked intruder, and investigators attempt to determine whether the missing man was an accomplice or an unsuspecting victim in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

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If you know anything about the disappearance of Dale Kerstetter, please call the Pennsylvania State Police at 814-778-5555.


  1. Regarding the Susan Lund case, hypothetically speaking of the trucker theory, what about a trucker heading home for Christmas? Or, since she was 8 months pregnant, is there a theory that she was taken for that reason? They suspect she was held for a month, perhaps she could have been taken and held till she delivered the baby and discarded her afterwards. It would be interesting to know if there were any families at that time who had recently “adopted” or had been “faking a pregnancy.” Perhaps checking birth certificates wound that time. Especially if her husband/family knew what the sex of the baby was. I pray for them all that they can find out who took her and the unborn child’s lives.


    1. Hi Dawn,
      That’s an interesting theory–thank you for sharing. Susan was about three months pregnant at the time of her disappearance, so I’m unsure if she was “showing”, or if her killer was aware of her pregnancy. Her child wouldn’t have been capable of surviving outside of the womb at the time of her death, but whether her killer would have realized that is another question entirely. Certainly, pregnant women have been killed before by people attempting to take their babies for their own, unfortunately. Hopefully answers to Susan’s case will come to light someday.


  2. What if it WAS an inside job but arranged by some higher ups? Maybe Dale was a convenient patsy. Isn’t it odd that he took a cut in pay and then was added to the scanty security detail? Wasn’t it then so very easy to publicly throw him under the bus? I wonder if anyone did an investigation into a sudden financial boon?


  3. I think the managers set him up. I think it was to try to get a payout from insurance on top of keeping the platinum. The manager acted like he was this horrible employee when it seems like he did nothing. Then they killed him but put all the blame on Dale. 😦


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