When a man is found stabbed to death inside his San Francisco apartment, the evidence located at the scene of the crime seems to contradict itself. A controversial, international investigation unfolds in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

Sources used to research this episode:

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If you know anything about the death of Hugues de la Plaza, please contact the San Francisco Police Department. You can call in a tip at 415-575-4444, text at tip to 847411 or click here to access the tip form on their website.

You may remain anonymous if you wish.


  1. My apartment has paper thin walls. I’m not sure I hear water running in the kitchen sink next door but I hear the toilet flushing easily on all levels around me.


  2. I think about this case a lot. My freshman year of college I got very very drunk, cut my foot, was bleeding profusely, and continued to walk around unaware, until I started slipping on a linoleum floor. I think Hugues was attacked and did not realize he had been stabbed because he was drunk and/or in shock, and continued about his routine until he died. He may have noticed the blood eventually but by then it was too late. I believe when Christopher Porco struck his parents with an axe in their sleep, his father got up and went about his morning routine while dying from a fatal head wound. There is a term for this behavior but I can’t recall what it is. If I had been the cops, I’d have looked for similar crimes (late night stabbings) in the area maybe.


    1. I actually did the same thing, once, years ago: cut the top of my foot while drinking and didn’t realize until I noticed the floor felt wet. So I could totally see this being the case!



  3. Nix told 48 Hours that calling Hugues parents with the news of his death was one of the hardest things she ever had to do. The truth is: When she called them, she already knew that they had been informed.


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