When a young Colorado woman disappears shortly after finding out she’s pregnant, investigators quickly zero in on a suspect. A case full of unbelievable twists and turns results in a rare no-body homicide conviction in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

Sources used to research this episode:

Mom Fights to Bring Pregnant Daughter’s Killer to Justice 8 Years After She Disappeared (ABC News / Allie Yang, Gerry Wagschal, Emily Wynn and Joseph Rhee)

Man Convicted in Slaying of Pregnant Girlfriend 8 Years After Disappearance (Dorian Geiger / Oxygen)

“I can honestly say I was scared at the time”: Donthe Lucas’ Neighbor Takes the Stand Tuesday (Kate Singh / Fox21 News)

Witness Testimonies Continue Friday in Donthe Lucas Trial (Kate Singh / Fox21 News)

Men’s Basketball: Donthe Lewis (NJCAA)

Where is Donthe Lucas Now? (Kriti Mehrotra / The Cinemaholic)

Donthe Lucas Interviews with Pueblo Police Presented During Trial for Kelsie Schelling’s Murder (Heather Willis / The Pueblo Chieftan)

Female Victims of Violence (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Homicide: A Leading Cause of Injury Deaths Among Pregnant and Postpartum Women in the United States, 1991-1999 (American Journal of Public Health / Jeani Chang MPH, Cynthia J. Berg MD / MPH, Linda E Saltzman PhD, and Joy Herndon MS)

Photos of Schelling’s Car, Additional Physical Evidence Presented Monday in Donthe Lucas Murder Trial (Colette Bordelon / KOAA News)

Sara Lucas Testifies in Son’s Murder Trial (Brandon Thompson / Fox News)

“I Knew What I Was Doing” Woman Admits to Romantic Relationship with Donthe Lucas (Kate Singh / Fox News)

Donthe Lucas Admits to Moving Kelsie Schelling’s Car to St. Mary-Corwin in Taped 2017 Interview (Zach Hillstrom / The Pueblo Chieftain)

Donthe Lucas Trial: Kelsie Schelling’s Father, Stepfather Testify About 2013 Disappearance (Tracy Harmon / The Pueblo Chieftain)

Roxann Martinez, a Witness in the Donthe Lucas Murder Trial, Shot and Killed in Denver (Heather Willard / The Pueblo Chieftain)

If you know anything about the location of Kelsie Schelling’s remains, please contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigation at (719) 647-5999.

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