When a North Carolina nurse is found dead after being threatened by a stalker, investigators quickly write her death off as an accident. Questions abound in this episode of Last Seen Alive, such as: how does a body “accidentally” wind up in a barrel underwater?

Sources used to research this episode:

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The Body in the Barrel: Questions Linger in 1985 Fayetteville Drowning (Michael Futch / The Fayetteville Observer)

Drowning is one of the hardest homicides to prove. These investigators want to change that. (Cara Tabachnick / NBC News)

Investigation of Drowning Deaths: A Practical Review (Erica J. Armstrong MD, Kevin L. Erskine)

Cold Water Immersion Syndrome and Whitewater Recreation Fatalities (David J. Farstad, MD1; Julie A. Dunn, MD2)

Help bring Debbie the justice she deserves!

If you have any information about the death of Debbie Wolfe, please contact the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office at: (910) 323-1500 – OR – contact Fayetteville / Cumberland County Crime Stoppers at (910) 483-TIPS (click to submit a tip online).

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