When a young family ventures into a remote Washington forest in search of the perfect Christmas tree, a dark mystery unfolds. Parents go missing, a child is found wandering alone in another town and all of Washington state wonders whether a serial predator may be waiting in the woods in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

Sources used to write this episode:

Diana Robertson (Unsolved Mysteries)

Woman’s Body Discovered (The Spokesman-Review, Feb. 20, 1986 ed.)

Police Say Boyfriend Could Be Slaying Suspect (Seattle Post-Intelligencer / George Foster)

Bureau of Justice Statistics Selected Findings: Female Victims of Violence (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Skull Discovery Revives Washington Mystery (The Seattle Times)

Mystery Lingers: Discovery of Trapper’s Skull Adds Clue to Couple’s 1985 Disappearance (The Olympian / Stacey Mulick)

Are Cases Tied? (Ellensburg Daily Record)

If you know anything about the deaths of Diana Robertson or Michael Reimer, please contact the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office at: 360-748-9286.

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