When a small town Texas teen goes missing, an entire community turns out to search the high prairie by land and air. A mysterious death, a contentious debate and shocking accounts of corruption are explored in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

Sources used to write this episode:

High School Senior Thomas Brown Missing from Texas After Vanishing Over Thanksgiving 2016 (NBC News)

Family Asking for Prayers After Remains of Missing Texas Teen Thomas Brown Identified (NBC News)

Find Tom Brown (findtombrown.com)

Panhandle Community Searches for Evidence Regarding Thomas Brown’s Disappearance (ABC7 News)

TCOLE Investigation Reveals New Information About Thomas Brown Case (ABC7 News)

Remains of Missing Texas Teen Discovered Two Years After He Disappeared Under Mysterious Circumstances (Oxygen)

‘It’s disappointing’: Thomas Brown’s mom reacts to suspension of AG’s investigation (KFDA Amarillo News)

‘Sheriff Pearson Responds (The Canadian Record)

Hemphill County Deputy Let Go Following Letter Addressing Credibility from County Attorney (ABC7 News)

Help achieve justice for Tom: if you know anything about the death of Tom Brown, please contact the Texas Attorney General Criminal Investigation Division at 512-463-2100.

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  1. Hi, Liz. If you’re referring to the Canadian, TX zip code pictured on the TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) letter to former Sheriff Lewis: I’m not associated with TCOLE in any way, and can’t speak for the organization. However, you can find out more about them (and contact options, if needed) at: tcole.texas.gov
    Looks like a straightforward typo to me, though.


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