When a young couple sets off for a weekend away, disappointment awaits at their destination, where a mortician’s convention has the hotel fully booked. A last-minute vacancy proves to be more deadly than lucky, resulting in a double ax murder with an incredible array of possible suspects in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

Sources mentioned in this episode:

Amana Slayings Still Puzzle Authorities (Cedar Rapids Gazette via Iowa Cold Cases)

Rose Z. Burkert and Roger E. Atkinson: Double Homicide (Iowa Cold Cases)

FBI ViCAP Alert: Seeking Information on Murder of Rose Burkert & Roger Atkinson

Rumors Surround 1980 Killings (St. Joe News-Press / R.J. Cooper)

Charles Ray Hatcher (Radford University Dept. of Psychology / Serial Killer Database)

Cold Case: 32 Year Old Murder Still Leaves Questions (The Register-Mail)

Criminal Territories: The Murders of Rose Burkert and Roger Atkinson (onenie.com)


Know something? Say something!

Your tip may make all the difference for the families and friends of Rose and Roger. If you know anything about this crime, or other homicides with similar details, please contact the Iowa County Sheriff’s Office at 319-642-7307.

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