When a wealthy Lowcountry power-couple confronts their financial manager over missing funds, they vanish from their island retreat. Embezzlement is just the beginning; unanswered questions haunt a tale of money, murder and suicide in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

Sources mentioned in this episode:

Police: Man in Missing Couple Case Kills Self (NBC News)

Police Search Home of Missing Hilton Head Couple’s Business Associate (The Island Packet)

Calverts, Missing 9 Months, Dead and Long-Time Suspect Likely Killed Them, Sheriff Says (The Island Packet)

10 Years Later, SC Couples’ Disappearance Remains a Mystery (The State)

Evidence: S.C. Couple Murdered in March (Savannah Now)

Ready for your next great true crime listen?


Unanswered Cries audiobook cover
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The night she was attacked in her Florida home, Karen Gregory let out a scream so piercing that it carried for several blocks. More than a dozen neighbors heard her, but none called the police. By the time her body was discovered, thirty one hours later, the trail was already cold. The detective assigned to solve the murder ran down one blind alley after another, eliminating one suspect after another, until finally the evidence led him to the front door of one of his best friends.

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