When an 18 year old disappears under suspicious circumstances in Asheville, North Carolina, investigators are left to navigate a minefield of unbelievable stories and even more unbelievable people. An unsolved disappearance tangles with a would-be love triangle and the murder of a celebrity chef in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

Sources mentioned in the podcast:

“A Murder Runs Through It: Zebb Quinn” (Medium.com)

“The Vanishing” (SPIN Magazine)

“Compassion, Empathy May Have Led to Murders of Food Network Star Contestant and Husband, Say Friends” (People Magazine)

“Warrant Details Zebb Quinn-related Search at Leicester Property” (Citizen Times)

Ready for your next great true crime listen?

Full disclosure: this is an add. If you enroll in a free Audible trial membership, we are compensated.

This episode of Last Seen Alive was sponsored by Audible. Get your free 30 day trial + free audiobook by clicking the cover of LSA’s recommended listen, The Good Nurse: a True Story of Medicine, Madness and Murder.

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