When a North Carolina nurse is found dead after being threatened by a stalker, investigators quickly write her death off as an accident. Questions abound in this episode of Last Seen Alive, such as: how does a body “accidentally” wind up in a barrel underwater?

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Help bring Debbie the justice she deserves!

If you have any information about the death of Debbie Wolfe, please contact the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office at: (910) 323-1500 – OR – contact Fayetteville / Cumberland County Crime Stoppers at (910) 483-TIPS (click to submit a tip online).


When an Arkansas honors student and class valedictorian disappears just weeks shy of high school graduation, an explanation eludes investigators. Years later, hidden evidence is uncovered inside the walls at her after-school job, giving the case new life in this episode of Last Seen Alive.


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If you know anything about the disappearance of Cleashindra Hall, please contact the Pine Bluff Police Department at 870-541-5300.


When an Ohio medical student disappears into thin air during a night out, a massive investigation fails to uncover any trace of him. One of the Midwest’s most baffling mysteries is explored in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

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See also:

FindBrianShaffer.com (Family-Created Informational Site)

If you have any information on the disappearance of Brian Shaffer, contact the Columbus Police at  (614) 645-4545 or the Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 614-461-8477. Or, submit an anonymous tip to Central Ohio Crime Stoppers online at their website: stopcrime.org.


When a group of paratroopers hits the beach for a laid-back holiday weekend, one of their own goes missing. Tragic evidence washes ashore and ignites one of 2020’s most devastating missing / murdered American soldier investigations in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

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If you have any information about the murder of Enrique Roman-Martinez, please contact the Army Criminal Investigation Command at 910-396-8777, or click here to submit a tip online.


When a medical student and military reserve officer disappears during a run through a Philadelphia park, foul play is immediately suspected. The discovery of her body incriminates a deadly serial offender who remains nameless and at large in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

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If you know anything about the murder of Rebecca Park, please call or text the Philadelphia Police Department tip line at: 215-686-8477.


When a young Marine Corps veteran has an unwelcome spotlight cast upon his life by Hollywood, murder soon follows. An execution-style killing in the Massachusetts woods cuts a young life short and baffles investigators in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

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Unsolved Mysteries: David Cox (Unsolved Mysteries)

If you know anything about the murder of David Cox, please contact the Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office at: 617-593-8840.


When a Louisiana woman’s worst fears come true, investigators are left to sift through the ashes of the home she shared with her fire chief husband. Arson and betrayal complicate the search for truth in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

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Nanette Krentel’s Slaying Leaves Family with Questions, Doubts About the Investigation (NOLA.COM)

If you know anything about the death of Nanette Krentel, please contact Crime Stoppers at (504) 822-1111 or the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office at (985)809-8200


When a young family ventures into a remote Washington forest in search of the perfect Christmas tree, a dark mystery unfolds. Parents go missing, a child is found wandering alone in another town and all of Washington state wonders whether a serial predator may be waiting in the woods in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

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If you know anything about the deaths of Diana Robertson or Michael Reimer, please contact the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office at: 360-748-9286.


When a Penn State University senior disappears without a trace on Halloween night, only one thing is clear: she didn’t vanish voluntarily. A heartbreaking mystery evolves into tales of real-life monsters in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

Sources used to write this episode:

The Disappearance of Cindy Song (Medium.com / Josie Claxton)

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Grand Jury: Dozen Bodies Found in Hugo Selenski’s Backyard (Elizabeth Skrapits / The Daily Call)

Help find Cindy: If you know anything about what happened to Cindy (Hyun Jong) Song, please contact the Ferguson Township Police (click here for contact info).

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When a small town Texas teen goes missing, an entire community turns out to search the high prairie by land and air. A mysterious death, a contentious debate and shocking accounts of corruption are explored in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

Sources used to write this episode:

High School Senior Thomas Brown Missing from Texas After Vanishing Over Thanksgiving 2016 (NBC News)

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Remains of Missing Texas Teen Discovered Two Years After He Disappeared Under Mysterious Circumstances (Oxygen)

‘It’s disappointing’: Thomas Brown’s mom reacts to suspension of AG’s investigation (KFDA Amarillo News)

‘Sheriff Pearson Responds (The Canadian Record)

Hemphill County Deputy Let Go Following Letter Addressing Credibility from County Attorney (ABC7 News)

Help achieve justice for Tom: if you know anything about the death of Tom Brown, please contact the Texas Attorney General Criminal Investigation Division at 512-463-2100.

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