When a group of paratroopers hits the beach for a laid-back holiday weekend, one of their own goes missing. Tragic evidence washes ashore and ignites one of 2020’s most devastating missing / murdered American soldier investigations in this episode of Last Seen Alive.

Sources used to research / write this story:

Inconsistencies in Account of Paratrooper’s Disappearance and Homicide Trouble His Family (Army Times / Kyle Rempfer)

Mystery Deepens As 911 Call Released in Case of Fort Bragg Paratrooper Whose Body Was Found in Outer Banks (ABC11 / Jessica De Nova)

‘It Was Such a Brutal Crime:’ Autopsy Report Shows 82nd Soldier Was Decapitated (The Fayetteville Observer/ Steve DeVane)

‘Corpse Dismemberment in the Material Collected by the Department of Forensic Science, Cracow, Poland’ (Legal Medicine / Tomasz Konopka, Marcin Strona, Filip Bolechała, Jerzy Kunz)

If you have any information about the murder of Enrique Roman-Martinez, please contact the Army Criminal Investigation Command at 910-396-8777, or click here to submit a tip online.

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