When Rhode Island firefighters respond to a report of a blaze at an apartment building, they find themselves in the midst of a horrific crime scene when the smoke clears. Detectives theorize that a kind and adventurous woman’s murder was as personal as it was brutal in this episode of Last Seen Alive. Sources used toContinue reading “UNSOLVED HOMICIDE: KIMBERLY MORSE”


When a Boston woman is found dead in the trunk of her own car, it’s initially assumed she was the victim of a random crime. However, the discovery of a diary allows the victim to speak from beyond the grave and shed light on her own murder in this episode of Last Seen Alive. Sources usedContinue reading “UNSOLVED HOMICIDE: SU TARASKIEWICZ”


When a young Marine Corps veteran has an unwelcome spotlight cast upon his life by Hollywood, murder soon follows. An execution-style killing in the Massachusetts woods cuts a young life short and baffles investigators in this episode of Last Seen Alive. Sources used to research / write this episode: Guantanamo Gazette Vol. 45–No. 166 (US NAVY)Continue reading “UNSOLVED HOMICIDE: DAVID COX”