We’re finally on Patreon!

After years of looking forward to someday carving out the time to create bonus content, we’re finally on Patreon! We’re the only true crime podcast written, researched and hosted by a professional Crime Analyst. Our mission is to bring compelling cases to others interested in true crime while shining a light on unresolved homicides and missing persons—whether dead or alive—who are still waiting to be found.

Each of our regular episodes explores an unsolved case, and these will always be free for everyone. We created this podcast in order to spread the word about each case to as many people as possible, in hopes that this will result in listeners reporting potentially valuable tips to investigators.

However! We know there are many other aspects of true crime and criminal investigations that fascinate our listeners. We joined Patreon in order to share original, insightful bonus content that will entertain and inform our most dedicated listeners. If you enjoy Last Seen Alive and like the idea of broadening your knowledge of true crime and criminal investigations, this is for you. Your monthly support will give you access to a monthly bonus content episode, and will help to fund the ongoing production of the regular case-based episodes you know and love.

In our first-ever bonus episode, a serial killer exposes the dark underside of Golden Age Hollywood, and a savvy homicide detective believes that law enforcement needs a way to track serial offenders by analyzing crime scenes, behavior patterns and other factors, all in one place. Decades later, his idea is realized and the FBI appoints him as the first director of ViCAP, or the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program.

We explore ViCAP and the serial killings that inspired it in the very first bonus episode of Last Seen Alive

Check out our Patreon here.

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